The Benefits of Going Serverless

The Benefits of Going Serverless

The Benefits of Going Serverless

Going serverless is turning into a big trend this past year. Thanks to the nature of cloud computing, you no longer have to maintain your own physical servers or even settle for an always-on cloud computing service. Today, it’s possible for small businesses to set up a mix of cloud and on-premise as well as public; private; and hybrid architecture to be more efficient using on-demand serverless services.

Going down the serverless route comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The boost in efficiency is certainly a huge plus, but you also have other factors to consider before finalizing your decision to go completely serverless. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and weigh them against the challenges of going serverless.

Serverless computing sees code or microservices as an entity to be executed once per call or request. It is completely hardware-agnostic; in fact, it is environment-agnostic. You don’t have a dedicated cloud environment to maintain.

The same set of environments is used by multiple code or services. You are basically ‘borrowing’ someone else’s computer to execute your microservices. Pay a small fee for every execution and you can completely forget about the complex tasks associated with infrastructure maintenance.

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