How to Think Like a Data Scientist in 12 Steps

How to Think Like a Data Scientist in 12 Steps

How to Think Like a Data Scientist in 12 Steps

At the moment, data scientists are getting a lot of attention, and as a result, books about data science are proliferating. While searching for good books about the space, it seems to me that the majority of them focus more on the tools and techniques rather than the nuanced problem-solving nature of the data science process. That is until I encountered Brian Godsey’s “ Think Like a Data Scientist ” — which attempts to lead aspiring data scientists through the process as a path with many forks and potentially unknown destinations. It discusses what tools might be the most useful, and why, but the main objective is to navigate the path — the data science process — intelligently, efficiently, and successfully, to arrive at practical solutions to real-life data-centric problems.

Lifecycle of a data science project
In the book, Brian proposes that a data science project consists of 3 phases:

The 1st phase is preparation — time and effort spent gathering information at the beginning of a project can spare big headaches later.

The 2nd phase is building the product, from planning through execution, using what you learned during the preparation phase and all the tools that statistics and software can provide.

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